Just My 2 Cents is a website born out of necessity – a necessity to spout off about whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment.  My name is Steve, and I am a blogger (“Hello Steve!”).   I used to be a plumber, but a number of “industrial injuries” busted my spine up to a point where I can no longer be a plumber.

I started blogging in September 2009, hoping to make a killing with Google Adsense and affiliate sales.  Well, while I do not yet make a “killing”, I do make enough to help supplement my disability payments (which are barely enough to pay the bills).  The funny thing is that, with all the “blogging” I do, none of it is about me, what I think, what I see, etc.  I spend all my time blogging about products and services that I force myself to learn about because the keywords associated with them bring traffic.  Traffic = Money.

I created this website to do two very simple things:

  1. To give me an outlet to talk about what is on my mind
  2. To engage you, the reader, in intelligent conversation (to the best of our ability)

Maybe we will learn some things… at least that is my hope.  You will still see ads and whatnot throughout the site, but do not feel as though you are obligated to do anything with them.  I encourage you to participate in the conversation in any way that you see fit.  To keep the spam down, I do require registration to comment.  I may change that in the future, we will see.

Please make sure you check out the Terms of Service, as well as the Privacy Policy.  You can also use the Contact page to reach me if you have something to say that you do not feel is appropriate for the comment section.  In the mean time, I will try to keep the conversation entertaining, and maybe even informative… no promises though.

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